The Firedragon (Flynn Nightsider) — A Lil’ Paige Review




Today I’ve let my tween daughter, Lil’ Paige, take over my blog. She was asked to give the new novella “The Firedragon” by Mary Fan an honest review. She loves to read so she jumped at the chance. So take it away Lil’ Paige…

*Please note I did not edit this. I left it as is, emoticons and all. Enjoy!


Thanks, Mom!

I really liked the book it was amazing 🙂 !!! The books is about fighting supernatural monsters. It is a 14 year old girl fighting supernatural monsters. What I have to say about it …. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 !!!!! What I liked about it was the monsters it was like Percy Jackson series, one of my favorite series. It was a great book!!!



There you have it! Buy this book. I hear it’s only .99 on amazon right now. Perfect for the little Percy Jackson fan in your life.



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